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What We Are Reading

Let this list help you on what books we recommend and a little bit of information on what we gained out of it.



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Books on Multiple Intelligences

Frames of Mind: Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s book that revolutionized education and psychology by presenting the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

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Multiple Intelligence:New Horizons in Theory and Practice

This book features a comprehensive account on MI including global applications, assessments and new evidences.

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Five Minds for the Future

What are the five minds for the fast-paced future that we need to master? In this book Howard Gardner presents valuable tools to thrive both personally and professionally

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Books on Reggio Emilia Approach
Books on Visible Thinking

Making Thinking Visible

A flexible and systematic research-based approach  to cultivate students’ thinking skills and dispositions ( curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, creative mindset).

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Intellectual Character

What does it really mean to be intelligent? Ron Ritchhart presents a new and powerful view of intelligence that moves beyond ability to focus on cognitive dispositions such as curiosity, skepticism, and open mindedness.

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What We Have Written

We are sharing here articles we have written over the years. Let us wow you with how we put learning and thinking in action.

On Thinking


Using Visible Thinking Routines at Home

Activity Cards Freebies by Lana Jelenjev (See-think-wonder thinking routine)

Family Hearts Project inspired by Jim Dine by Lana Jelenjev (Colors-shapes-lines thinking routine)

How to face RAGE in young children by Lana Jelenjev (Compass points thinking routine)

Light and Symmetry in Art: Notan designs by Lana Jelenjev (Perceive-know-care about thinking routine)

Thinking Routines- Colors, Shapes, Lines  by Lana Jelenjev

What is the color of your anger by Lana Jelenjev (Tug for truth thinking routine)


Using Thinking Routines in Museums

Field Trips That Teach Thinking Skills by Claire Bown

More Than A Strategy: Building a Culture of Thinking by Claire Bown

Thinking Routines in the Museum by Claire Bown




What Articles We Can Recommend

Here we have curated the best links for you to read. The best part of it, we’ve already categorized them for you.

Using Thinking Routines for Assessment

Teaching Conceptually by Ryan Higbea


Using Thinking Routines with Young Children

I used to think by Alona (Little People Learn)




What We Are Watching


Ron Ritchart: On Making Thinking Visible



Why Thinking Matters In School



Creating Powerful Learning Opportunities



Documenting Students' Thinking



Ron Ritchart on Visible Thinking



Using Thinking Routines in the Classroom




Ron Ritchart




Making Learning Visible



Elaboration Game



Option Explosion



Circle of Viewpoint




Why Visible Thinking?
All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable, which makes you see something you weren’t noticing, which makes you see something that isn’t even visible. -Leo Strauss






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