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We are a group of educators passionate about making learning and thinking visible. Our blogs convey the innovative teaching and learning that happens inside and outside of our schools.

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I am Lana and I work as an Educational Consultant in the Netherlands. My love for learning has brought me to different teaching roles and responsibilities.  My greatest motivator on making a difference in the field of education happened as I became a parent.  Having spent most of their early childhood years as a stay-at-home mom, I have applied the visible thinking routines in our household and have seen the difference in our children’s view of learning and taking in information. Nowadays, I advocate for using visible thinking strategies at home, applying principles of gifted education in the regular classroom and tinkering using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) while at the same time developing online training modules and platforms for early childhood educators in my consultancy projects. You can read more of my work with parents at
I am also an avid Project Life App user who loves documenting our lives in pictures and a storyteller, writing about my thoughts and experiences on living with cancer at





My name is Catherine Bae and I am a Teacher-Librarian (Library/Media specialist) at a private school in Qatar. I am Korean born, Australian grown international educator with wide range of experiences from Grade 1 to Grade 8 language arts. I am comfortable with tech and can learn (with some patience) to serve its purpose.




I am Mary and I am currently the Curriculum and PYP Coordinator at the Bilingual European School in Milan, Italy.  I have worked in various teaching and leadership roles from early childhood through university, in a university laboratory school, public schools, a school that was the brainchild of the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, an international school and private Italian schools.  Disillusionment and hope have been intertwined throughout these experiences and are the source of constant reflection.  Throughout my career, my focus has been on listening to children.  In recent years I have been drawn to investigating the relationship between documentation and developing a culture of thought that is rich with the voice of the child.  This work has been inspired by studies in Reggio Emilia, as well as more than a decade of experiences with Project Zero.  Outside of work, I am a multi-media visual artist, distance runner, and traveler.




My name is Tima Nisbet and I’m from Canada. I have been teaching overseas for the past 15 years. It’s great to see new countries, meet new people and learn new things. I always work on my craft. I believe teachers need to keep things interesting to captivate their class. Four years ago, while teaching in Zambia, I was introduced to Thinking Routines. I found looking at what and how students think, instead of always focusing on the knowledge, got my students interested and engaged in lessons. My students never cease to amaze me.

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I am Julie and I have been teaching for 34 years, (good grief!!) mostly in upper primary, Grades 5 and 6. I have been AST for 10 years (Advanced Skills Teacher = senior teacher) and for the past 18 months have been acting Assistant Principal at Brighton, a large primary school in southern Tasmania. I majored in art and English when I did my training but my passion has been Maths for many years. I have worked with Ron Ritchhart since 2006 and have been pushing hard to develop a whole school culture of thinking at Brighton ever since.




I am Peter and I am basically a teacher who has taught 1st grade through high school and have spent much of my career involved in teacher education and research related to cognitive psychology and the role of technology within education.

I am Alona YILDIRIM. I was born in a country of steppes where eagles spread their wings widely, where wind blows strong, where sagebrush grow…my motherland is Kazakhstan. I graduated from the Kazakh State University of International Relations and World Languages.

I  started my educational career in an international school in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. I have been teaching in the Early Childhood Field since 2003. I coordinated the Early Childhood Program for 4 years.

I make an effort in enriching my professional life by visiting schools in different countries, by administrating and reflecting on my educational page, by participating in study groups and by joining online professional development courses. I go to work everyday with great deal of ideas and enjoy every single minute with my little friends. I want my little people to be real, confident and independent, I want them to be curious and caring.

Person’s a person no matter how small. Dr.Seuss





I am Claire and I founded Thinking Museum in 2013 to research, design and deliver high quality, innovative learning activities, tours and training for museums, individuals and for business.Two years previously, I developed the first museum programmes to use Visible Thinking in the Netherlands at the Tropenmuseum by successfully adapting elements of Visible Thinking and combining with various museum education practices. Through our Visible Thinking workshops, I have since trained numerous museum docents and educators in how to use the method effectively with art and museum objects. I like to encourage people to spend time ‘learning to look’ at art slowly and carefully, asking questions to stimulate the imagination and open up a discussion within the group. I am passionate about promoting engagement and curiosity in the museum through the use of Visible Thinking.






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